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Our Mission

To be Christ-like in the business environment and to maximize business excellence within the plumb line of Scripture.

About the Company

CSC is a family owned Atlanta-based commercial construction company founded by Dean Myers in 1994. Since the formation of CSC we have grown to include a North Dakota branch. CSC General Contractors ND that is in Williston, ND. Dean has built a management team that has well over 60 years of experience in the construction industry. While still growing and expanding his expertise, Dean has expanded to land development with OCS Enterprises and MW&W. The companies associated with these partnerships hold a similar view towards Christian ideology in business. Our commitment to the client and building a quality product has led CSC General Contractors to become a well-respected and thriving organization in every market we serve. In 2012 CSC General Contractors received the “Top Volume Builder” award from the Metallic Building Company, a nationally recognized metal building supplier. This award highlights our ongoing relationships with our suppliers and our commitment to using high-quality materials.

Corporate Philosophy

The competitive business environment that we live in today makes it more important than ever to conduct business in a moral, ethical, and legal manner. Consistent with this goal, we have developed a basic philosophy that is summarized in the following statements:

  • Our customers are the lifeblood of our business. With them we can achieve anything, without them we can achieve nothing. This is core to our values.
  • CSC General Contractors shall conduct its’ affairs employing the highest ethical, moral, and legal principles. Honesty, integrity, and responsible business practices will guide the conduct of the company and its’ people.
  • Customer satisfaction is the ultimate measure of quality. It can be achieved and maintained only through the process and habit of continuous improvement.
  • Teamwork along with a high level of personal commitment is how we progress. Teamwork is not only a part of our philosophy; it is how we conduct business.
  • We work hard to communicate effectively and honestly to develop and maintain a high level of trust within our organization and with our clients.

CSC General Contractors, CSC General Contractors ND, OCS Enterprises, and MW&W are family-owned organizations whose foundation is built on Christian principles. We believe that all of life is a gift from God. The work we do reflects that gift. We believe that the best example of a life of good stewardship is the life of Jesus Christ. It is His example that we should follow in making daily decisions.

It is our mission to conduct our business and live our lives in a way that is pleasing to God. We aim to be a positive influence on all those with whom we come into contact. We believe these principles are the foundation to work that is fulfilling, relationships that are fruitful, and a consistency of purpose that unites all life.

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CSC General Contractors Inc.

125 P Rickman Industrial Drive, Suite 100,
Canton, GA 30115

Telephone: (770) 345-2579

Fax: (770) 345-2797

North Dakota

CSC General Contractors ND, LLP

116 Main Street
Williston, ND 58801

Telephone: (701) 572-6458

Fax: (701) 572-6451

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